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Harbor Engineering, LLC

Waterfront Planning, Permitting & Design


Harbor Engineering, LLC is a Rhode Island based engineering firm focused exclusively on planning, permitting and designing waterfront and coastal structures. Our firm serves clients in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.

The principal of Harbor Engineering, LLC has his Masters of Engineering degree in Coastal Engineering and has been working in this field for more than 20 years. In addition to our expertise in our chosen engineering discipline, we feel it is critical to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service including:

  • Educating the Client about the planning, regulatory, design and construction process
  • Empowering the Client to make decisions that will guide the design effort
  • Keeping the Client informed throughout the project
  • Being readily available and responsive to the Client through any form of communication

The Team

Chris Pearson, EIT

Staff Engineer

Ken Anderson, PE

Senior Engineer


Coastal Engineering

  • Site exposure (wind, wave, current, flood) assessments
  • Wave growth numerical modeling
  • Revetment & breakwater design
  • Beach nourishment planning & design
  • Littoral/coastal processes studies
  • Installation of wave & tide gauges
  • Assess tidal hydraulics


Marina & Commercial Services

  • Facility condition assessments (underwater and topside)
  • Marina market assessments
  • Marina planning, reconfiguration and design
  • Wave modeling for wave attenuators & fences
  • Marina piling, bulkhead and seawall design
  • Hydrographic surveys & dredge planning

Residential/Estate Docks & Structures

  • Site condition assessments
  • Recreational boating facilities (i.e. pier, ramp, float, boatlift, etc.)
  • Shoreline erosion assessments
  • Shoreline protection
    • Bulkhead structures
    • Seawall structures
    • Riprap revetment structures
    • Coconut coir log details
    • Vegetation details