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Residential/Estate Docks & Structures

When it comes to your waterfront home, you are looking for the convenience of accessing the water, having your shoreline secure against storms and meanwhile being able to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the sea.  Whether you have a beach shack or waterfront estate, the professionals at Harbor Engineering can provide you both the peace of mind and access to the water you are looking for.

Some of the services offered by Harbor Engineering related to Residential/Estate Docks & Structures include:

  • Site condition assessments
  • Recreational boating facilities (i.e. pier, ramp, float, boatlift, etc.)
  • Shoreline erosion assessments
  • Shoreline protection
    • Bulkhead structures
    • Seawall structures
    • Riprap revetment structures
    • Coconut coir log details
    • Vegetation details