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Construction Support

Once you have permits from the various regulatory agencies in-hand, you are ready to get a contractor involved.  Most times this is handled by issuing bid documents from which contractors will respond by providing their references, license(s), insurance, schedule and pricing.

Construction plans and specifications are the most important way of communicating to a contractor what you are looking for.  Harbor Engineering sets itself apart from other firms in that we take special pride in our documents since we feel these documents represent the caliber of engineers we are.  In addition, we see the importance that our documents are clear and concise in order to avoid misunderstandings later during the construction effort.

During construction, representatives from Harbor Engineering observe the progress and quality of the work completed by the contractor. Harbor Engineering keeps the Client informed about the progress of the work and advises them should the work deviate from the construction documents and/or stipulations in the regulatory permits issued for the project.

Some of the services offered by Harbor Engineering related to Construction Support Services include:

  • Prepare construction plans & specifications
  • Coordinate the bid process
  • Review contractor submittals and change orders
  • Process pay requests
  • Observation of work in progress
  • Prepare detailed meeting minutes and field reports
  • Issue as-built plans