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Our firm has a simple perspective on business development.  The best way to market yourself is by going above and beyond what the client is expecting and letting the work show what you are capable of executing.  In time you build a network of devoted clients who not only rely on your advice, they also will not hesitate to offer your name to others who can benefit from your services as well.

Please take a moment to take a look at the kind words offered by a small sample of our clients.  It won’t take long to see a pattern…..

Gus Kreuzkamp

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts in making Forty 1º North a world class marina. The marina has been every bit the success we had hoped for, and as we hear time and time again, few marinas compare.

The steel sheet pile bulkhead that you had permitted, designed, and oversaw the construction of was a streamlined process from start to finish. All elements of the marina redevelopment. including the buoyancy and stability of our continuous docks, the freeboard, the assistance in utility specification, the hurdles of the permitting process and the care in assisting us through our construction warranty issues-all of these factors contributed to a most rewarding construction  experience.

Peter Borden

Managing Director, Forty 1º North Marina, Newport RI

Mr. Kreuzkamp has completed several successful projects for Town of North Kingstown over the past three years, all of which were coordinated through this office. Most notably was the reconstruction of a 50 year old marina bulkhead at the town’s boating facility at Allen’s Harbor Marina. The project overcame a number of issues, including pre-existing soil contamination, difficult weather conditions, as well as significant public scrutiny.

The project was completed under budget and on time for the opening of boating season.

 Harbor Engineering, through the leadership of Mr. Kreuzkamp, continuously provides professional engineering results while maintaining an important awareness of client concerns. Mr. Kreuzkamp’s expertise in the field of waterfront planning and design has benefited our town through the successful completion of the projects he managed. I would not hesitate to recommend his professional services and am available to answer questions regarding the referenced projects.

Phil Bergeron, P.E.

Director of Public Works, Town of North Kingstown, RI

HOBG strongly recommends Harbor Engineering as a knowledgeable and professional firm.

We were completely satisfied with their work, which was performed in a limited time and on budget.  Gus Kreuzkamp and Peter Clark, were a pleasure to work with.  Their knowledge of marina activity, design, effect of wind and wave action, and federal and state regulatory laws was exemplary. In addition, they combined this with the necessary amenities that would be required on the upland to economically support marina activity.

David Riley & Arria Bilodeau

Co-chairs, HOBG Steering Committee, Head of the Bay Gateway, Providence RI

Our firm hired Gus Kreuzkamp of Harbor Engineering to work with us defending a multi-million dollar claim stemming from a proposed development on a waterfront parcel that never came to fruition. A central issue in the case was the economic feasibility of the proposed development, which weighed heavily on damages calculations and our client’s overall exposure. Key to making an accurate assessment of feasibility was our ability to understand the complicated engineering issues at play in the marine environment and to gain a thorough understanding of the costs and time associated with the specific parcel in question.

The Harbor team immediately grasped our challenge and undertook a thorough, credible and painstaking analysis of the parcel and its realistic impediments to feasibility. In addition to providing a high quality report full of robust analysis and credible conclusions, which were important to driving a favorable  settlement, Gus became an integral team member and worked closely with our attorneys educating them about marine engineering issues, preparing them for depositions and testing and evaluating their theories and approaches as they related to Harbor’s areas of expertise.

Gus was responsive, efficient and professional and at all times provided candid advice and opinions that helped our team built a credible defense. I would recommend Harbor Engineering to anyone in a similar situation that wants a high quality, no-nonsense site or project evaluation, as well as a dedicated and responsive team member.

Thomas Dwyer

Principal, Dwyer Partners, LLP, Boston MA

I am writing this letter to express the Borough of Fenwick’s sincerest thanks to you for your assistance in helping us achieve success with our bridge and pier projects. You have aided us in keeping our municipality on track through each of these projects – both of which have been completed on time and well within budget. 

Your commitment to providing the best possible customer service, professionalism and client satisfaction was well beyond expectations.  I feel confident in recommending your firm’s services to anyone who is in need of assistance in analyzing planning and designing coastal waterfront solutions. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Larry DeBlasiis

General Manager, Borough of Fenwick, Old Saybrook CT

My husband and I found it very easy to work with Gus & Peter at Harbor Engineering. They are very knowledgeable, helpful, conscientious and timely. They did such a great job on our first dock at the old house that we hired them again for the dock design at our new house.
Residential Homeowner

Westerly, RI

I was introduced to Gus Kreuzkamp about 2005 as an active member in the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association. From 2009 to present, I have retained Gus for various needs concerning my marina facility located in Jamestown, Rhode Island, some of which include:

  • Site Exposure Assessments
  • Review of Environmental conditions specific to the Conanicut Marina waterfront facilities
  • Conceptual marina planning
  • SAY Survey
  • Bathymetric Survey
  • Economic Planning
  • Exposure Assessments
  • Cost Estimates 

I attest that all of my experiences in working with Gus Kreuzkamp, with the above mentioned items, were positive. Work was always completed as expected and billing as quoted. Change orders went smoothly, never any surprises! Gus is consistent with profound professionalism.

William S. Munger

CMM and President, Conanicut Marine Services, Jamestown RI

I hired Gus in September of 2011 and he took me from design to a finished 80 foot pier connecting to a 25 foot ramp that lands on an 8×18 float in Newport Harbor by memorial Day 2012. I believe that his expertise and knowledge of the process allowed us to accomplish what most thought was not possible in a timely and efficient manner and under budget!

I cannot recommend Gus highly enough. I think he is an outstanding professional in his field and would not hesitate to hire him again.

John E. Shea

Residential Condo Association, Newport, RI

I highly recommend the services of Gus Kreuzkamp from Harbor Engineering, LLC. Gus worked for me from May 2012 to December 2012. His services were instrumental to my successful acquisition of the Salt Ponds Marina Resort in Hampton, Virginia. 

Gus is a very well organized professional, diligent in his paperwork, able to work independently, easily reachable, and always on time. He is able to effectively multi-task to ensure all projects are completed in a timely manner. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a positive attitude.

Gene McKay

President, North 37 Management, LLC, Hampton VA